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Clinical experience has shown that various anatomical zones have different characteristics and that appropriate fit and fill to achieve a stable construct cannot always be accomplished with a non-modular implant design. This Modular addresses these complex recontructions.

Feature & Benefits

  • The proximal segment incorporates a Bi-Planer taper for gradual stress transfer.
  • Circumferential closed pore plasma spray (for a tight seal of the effective joint space throughout the proximal femur)
  • Proximal segments are offered in collared and collarless designs to increase stability and load transfer
  • The Modular Reach proximals utilize a wide variety of distal components to help achieve stability in bone with a metaphyseal and diaphyseal mismatch
  • The proimal and distal segments are secured through a proven Morse-type taper connection.
  • A segmental locking screw further enhances the Morse taper connection and helps seal the taper from joint fluid.