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Cloud Point Glycol

Cloud Point Glycol :

The cloud point of a nonionic surfactant or glycol solution is the temperature at which the mixture starts to phase-separate, and two phases appear, thus becoming cloudy. This behavior is characteristic of non-ionic surfactants containing polyoxyethylene chains, which exhibit reverse solubility versus temperature behavior in water and therefore "cloud out" at some point as the temperature is raised.

Sr No. Test Standard Specifications Results
1 Physical State The Material shall be in the form of liquid at 24+/- 2 C, free from visible impurities Complies
2 Appearance Pale yellow to brownish Complies
3 pH of 3% (v/v) sample in 10% (w/v) KCl Solutions in Distilled Water 6.0 – 8.0 7
4 Cloud Point of 5% (v/v) sample in 10% (w/v) KCl in distilled water, C 60 -85 68
5 Pour Point -6 C Min -7 C
6 Surface Tension (at 25 C) 40+/- 10 39
7 Solubility in water Miscible Miscible