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Drilling Detergent


Drilling Detergent :

Sr No. TEST SPECS Results
1) Physical Properties The material, as received, should be soapy liquid, miscible with water. It should be free from visible impurities and any other suspended matter. Should be determined visually As per Requirement
2) Density at 25 degC, gm/ml 1.00 - 1.10 1.04
3) Surface Tension of 0.25% (v/v) solution of the sample in distilled water at 25 degC, dynes/cm., maximum 35.00 35.00
4) pH of 1 % (v/v) solution 7.5 - 10.5 of the sample in distilled water 8.10
5) Emulsion Stability Test To 485 ml of distilled water, add 15 ml of HSD oil slowly while stirring in a multimixer and then add to it 1 ml. of the sample. Stir further for 15 minutes in the multimixer for formation of emulsion. Transfer the contents to 500 ml. measuring cylinder and observe phase separation of the mixture which should be as follows I) Immediate separation of HSD oil should be nil
(II) Separation of HSD oil after 24 hrs. at room temperature should not be more than 5 ml
As per Requirement
6) Mud Lubricity Coefficient Prepare a 10 cp Bentonite suspension by dilution of prehydrated Bentonite suspension (OIL / API approved Bentonite) and treat it with 0.5% (V/V) of the sample and stir it for 15 minutes in a multimixer. Determine lubricity coefficient of the suspension in a lubricity tester Lubricity co-efficient should not be more than 0.20 0.20
7) Foaming tendency test Prepare 0.10% (v/v) solution of the sample in distilled water Stir the solution for 10 minutes in a multimixer. Transfer the content immediately to a Increase in volume should not be more than 5.00% As per requirement