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Polyamine :

POLYAMINE SR Polyamine is an organic compound having two or more primary amino groups.

Low-molecular-weight linear polyamines perform essential functions in oil well drilling. The drilling fluid is mainly composed of polyamine with strong inhibiting effect.

MEG has the primary role of lubrication, lowering filtrate and inhibiting function. We have various grades for Polyamine like Oil Drilling Application, Textile and many more.

Polyamine for Oil Drilling Application :

Appearance Clear Liquid
Solubility Soluble
Odor Amine
Solvent Content > 90%
Flash Point > 200 F (> 93 C)
Vapor Pressure < 0.001 (hPa) @ 20 C
pH 9.0 to 10.0
Specific Gravity @ 20 C 0.993 – 1.023

Polyamine for Water Treatment, Dyeing and Finishing as color Fixing in Textile

Sr No. Parameters Specifications
1 Solid % 20-50
2 Viscosity cPs 150-6500
3 pH 5+/-2
4 Application Water Treatment, ETP, Sugar Industries, Paper Industries, Textile Industries.