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Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals

the demand for safe and fresh water is consistently rising, owing to satisfy the human needs and to support the industrial activities. With the increasing urbanization and economic development, the current water supply is unlikely to satisfy the ever growing demands. Hence, the chemical industry uses the innovative ways of water treatment in order to make water acceptable for end-use, such as drinking, cooking, irrigation and industrial purpose to name a few. The water treatment methods use four basic processes that include

➢ Boiler water treatment

➢ Cooling water treatment

➢ R.O Water Treatment and R.O Cleaning Chemicls

➢ Waste Water or ETP Water Treatment Chemicals

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals : we supply

Oxygen Scavenger

pH Booster


Cooling Tower Chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitor

Scale Inhibitor



R.O Water Treatment And R.O cleaning Chemicals


Membrane Cleaning Chemicals


Waste water or ETP Water Treatment Chemicals

➢ Flocculants

➢ Coagulants

➢ Color Removal

➢ Other general products.