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What Is a Land Contract?

A land contract is an agreement between a buyer and seller pertaining to a specific tract of land. Developers advertise and sell tracts of land similar to the process of selling a real estate property. Land contracts can be broad in scope and may include both the land and real estate on the land. Many land contracts involve seller-financed purchases. Some borrowers buying land may also choose to finance the purchase through a bank loan.

Benefits to buyers

There may be a buyer interested in the real estate for sale but who, because of their credit history or other reasons, cannot obtain approval for a needed mortgage. The parties can enter into a sale by land contract so that the buyer makes monthly payments directly to the seller.

Benefits to sellers

The seller does not receive the full purchase price up front, like the seller would if the buyer used a mortgage or paid all cash, but the seller may have more options for potential buyers. Also, the seller may be able to negotiate a higher purchase price on the property by offering a sale by land contract. The seller may also require and receive a large cash down payment.

About Us

LandCielo is the Real Estate vertical of Garg Group, which is rooted in the heart of Ghaziabad Ahmdabad, having diversified interests in publication, education and real estate. LandCielo was founded in the year 2021 and being a part of Garg Group it has been laid down on solid foundation.

What is land use?

Land use is the characterization of land based on what can be built on it and what the land can be used for. It’s determining what sort of community, environment or settlement can be used on a specific type of land. One definition of land use is “the total of arrangements, activities and inputs that people undertake in a certain land cover type.” It’s important to note that land use and zoning are not the same. Where land use is the way that people adapt land to suit their needs, zoning is how the government regulates the land.

Types of land uses

There are many different categories when it comes to land use. The five most common uses are recreational, transport, agricultural, residential and commercial. Understanding the specifics of each one can help when planning on investing in property.






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Land Services professionals specialize in land entitlement and disposition, offering clients extensive knowledge of local market conditions, competitive land parcels and regulatory issues,to assist land owners in maximizing their real estate values.


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Continuing to be a Ray of Sunshine Through This Unusual Year: LAND

Mainstream media has portrayed 2020 as doom and gloom for Americans; however, the rural land market continues to tell a different story.

How to Sell Your Land & Rural Property in Any Season

Whether you are anxiously awaiting a buyer to submit an offer on your land, or you are in the planning stages of selling your property and want to establish a realistic timeline, it’s important to understand how the time of year impacts the offers that you get.

First Impressions

Property entrances hold functional and aesthetic appeal for landowners. Gates are as much a part of Texas’ rural landscape as bluebonnets and wide-open spaces. But when it comes to design, tastes in the Lone Star State are as varied as the terrain.

Connecting Books, Land & People

After reviewing students’ design proposals and brainstorming, everyone agreed that Hayden Ranch wasn’t a fit. It was missing one key absolute—a cultural landscape. “It had to be the interaction between people and the land or people in place over time,” explains Vlahos. The right fit would be all about “taking an old place and transitioning it to a new use . . . that could take on a new life that drew community to it.”



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